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The unit was raised in 1903 as a "Highland" regiment. At the centre of that public campaign was the willingness to absorb the expense of Highland dress. And this private, rather than public, expense has always been one of the Regiment's greatest challenges.

The Argyll Regimental Foundation was established in 1981 with the broad objectives to maintain Highland dress and the traditions of the Regiment. A fund-raising campaign - with a goal of $200,000 was launched and, happily, within a short period of time, the target was met and exceeded. Then and in the intervening years, the ARF has enjoyed broad financial support from within the serving battalion, the Regimental family, and the community at large.

Although one of the most recent institutions in the Regiment's history, it is one of the most important. By any standard of measurement, the Foundation has been a success. The maintenance of Highland dress, one of the Regiment's major symbols, would not have been possible without its sustained financial support. To be Highland in name is to be Highland in dress. And the Argyll Regimental Foundation ensures it.

In recent years, the Foundation has looked to initiatives in other parts of its mandate - Regimental traditions other than dress. To that end, an ARF grant in 2000 complemented one received from the federal government and resulted in the opening of our fine Regimental museum to the widespread approval of the Regimental family. To ensure the Museum's continuance, its expansion, and its betterment, the Foundation continues to support the Museum's annual operating costs.

Responsibilities, Duties & Membership

The corporate structure and governance of the Foundation have been established to ensure compliance with the federal regulations concerning charitable institutions, to ensure that the foundations objectives are upheld, to provide for proper discussion and full disclosure, and to require proper reporting of budgets and expenditures.

To these ends, the Argyll Regimental Foundation is a registered charity that operates under a set of by-laws. It has a Board of Directors, which meets regularly, manages the affairs of the Foundation, and reviews grant requests, budgets and expenditures. The Foundation conducts an annual general meeting which all current members are notified and may attend.

Donations & Inquiries

To make a donation, or to inquire about any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Argyll Regimental Foundation:

Secretary, Argyll Regimental Foundation
200 James Street North
Hamilton, Ontario L8R 2L1
Phone: (905) 972-4003
Fax: (905) 972-4004

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