The Argylls

How to Join The Unit

B Coy Training If have any questions about the application process or a career in the army, please call the Argylls immediately at 905.972.4000 ext. 4168. They are ready to help.

Five Simple Steps to Joining The Argylls

  1. Call the Unit Recruiter at 905.972.4000 ext. 4168 or email to book a one-on-one information session
  2. Attend an information session and take-home and complete the application package
  3. Return the application package with all supporting documents to the Unit Recruiter
  4. Attend and pass all the testing at the Canadian Forces Recruiting Center (CFRC)
  5. Official swearing-in ceremony

One-on-One Information Sessions

Unlike other units that treat recruits like a number, the Argylls treat you like family they do this through one-on-one information sessions between a unit recruiter and a potential applicant. In fact, the recruiter will work with you throughout the application process so that you don't have any issues.

They find that this one-on-one approach is very effective, as this allows them to answer all of your questions and to provide dedicated career counseling and assistance throughout the application process.

To schedule a one-on-one session, please call 905.972.4000 ext. 4168.

Open Houses

The Argylls hold open houses on Wednesday nights. Please call 905.972.4000 ext. 4168 to book your spot at an open house.

At this session, you will receive basic information about the unit, an application package, and be taken for a tour of the armoury to see our soldiers in training. Unit staff will also be available to answer any questions you may have.

All Open Houses are held at The Argyll Recruiting Office, located at the John Foote Armoury in Hamilton.

Basic Eligibility for the Army Reserves

  1. Be a Canadian citizen
  2. Be at least 16 years at time of enrolment
  3. Have a Grade 10 education

Remember, their job is to get you into the unit, and they will help you any way they can with and through the application process.

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